Review Policy

The Saintly Sinners will be proud to advertise your quality Creations and Events to the viewers, specially, but not limited to, those that are Fantasy, GoreanMedieval, Roleplay, Kawaii themed. That includes clothes, accessories, hair, skins and cosmetics, poses, buildings and furniture and weapons.

Just because it is not the focus of the blog, I chose not to post or review children-related items.     I do not to blog prim hair nor prim clothes, as those have been superseded by mesh items thus lowering demand for prim.

If you choose me to be your blogger, your logo and link will be added to the blog page.  Your store will be tagged in each post including your items.  I’ll also post in my Flickr, that gets between 600 to 3000 views a post.

Please, don’t just drop items in my inventory before talking to me first, as they may get lost in my inventory chaos.


Contact me now inworld or use this form.


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